How and Why to Crop

If your shot is in danger of losing significance due to an engaged background, crop in tight around your main point of focus, removing the background so that all focus is on your main subject. For instance, it works well on the landscape when you\’re trying to capture something more intimate and focused or when you are shooting in a busy location where what\’s around them would just cause confusion.

Filling the frame could involve you capturing them from the waist up or for more impact, fill the frame with just their face. Patterns are another subject that when capturing, you should fill the frame with, aligning it up carefully to ensure it\’s straight.

Fill the frame encourages you, as a photographer, to really spend some time thinking about your subject and how best to feature that subject in your photograph. How can you bring forward the details or the patterns or the most critical element(s) of your subject? How does the background add to or take away from the story that you are trying to tell?

Once you think you can answer those questions, compose and take your photograph. Then get closer, whether by zooming in your lens or moving yourself physically closer with your feet. Take another photograph. Compare the two and see whether filling the frame made a difference for your composition in that situation.

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