Fixing Camera Battery Error

There are many users out there who reports battery problems. It is true that battery errors can also become trouble for digital camera users.

First, make sure that battery is fully charged and always check the light on the charger in order to be sure that charger is working.

Also make sure that battery contacts properly and they are clean. If it is not clean then with the help of dry cloth wipe it, you may also use can of compressed air to clean it.

Second, different batteries have different level of handling temperature. If your camera does not get switch ON in high or low temperature level then try to switch ON camera after 30 minutes in normal temperature level.

If your camera gets turned ON then it is confirmed that your camera battery could not handle extreme temperature level. So, try to keep your camera in normal temperature level.

Tip – If you recharge NiMh and NiCd batteries before they are not fully drained then it will reduce their lifespan. On the other hand Li-ion batteries which mostly comes with newer models last longer and you can recharge them even they are not fully drained.

If your camera does not get switched ON or your battery life is not what it used to be then replace your camera battery.

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